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The #BBLuckyDip is a fundraising initiative that I started in 2019 to help raise some money for a worthy cause whilst also providing a purse-friendly buying option for people who would like to try out my jewellery and accessories designs but aren't sure what to expect. 

The surprise bags are available in 3 different sizes at 3 price points and each has a piece of Bunny Bosworth jewellery inside that I have picked at random. These could be sample pieces, slight seconds, discontinued designs or even brand new items!

At the end of each month I donate 50% of each sale to a nominated charity which in 2020 is Refugee Community Kitchen who provide hot meals to displaced people both in London and also across the Calais and Dunkirk region of France. To find out more visit their website here.


If you would like to try your luck on the #BBLuckyDip click here:

"I love the charity bag idea! It was hard to choose what item I wanted to purchase and fashion-wise it was a little bit of a leap for me. So this was the perfect way to get to know the feel of it and how it looks on me. Would recommend 100% and also I’ll be shopping here again."

"Loved getting a surprise mystery treat. Beautifully handmade necklace. And love that some of the profits went to charity. Lovely idea."

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