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Field Trips: Pure Brilliance and Colour is Mine

It's been a gentle start to the year here at Bunny Bosworth, with lots of time to take stock, get organised and make some plans for the upcoming year. Just as important as all of that though was getting out and about to see a couple of wonderful exhibitions for a bit of inspiration and relaxation.

First up (this was actually at the very end of last year but it was post-Christmas so it still counts) was Pure Brilliance: The Boodles Story at the Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight. I've been past the Boodles store in Liverpool hundreds of times but never ventured in (on account of it being well out of my budget) and I didn't know anything at all about the company. This exhibition showcased their 200 year history from a family jewellers who created trophies for the Grand National to a luxury brand creating pieces for the stars.

There were dozens of items on display alongside displays showing what goes into creating each piece, from sketches and 3D models to the fine craftsmanship of the finished article. I didn't actually get any pictures of that element but there's some good stuff here on the Boodles website.

In February I went over to Manchester to see the Althea McNish: Colour is Mine exhibition at the Whitworth. McNish was a celebrated textile designer from Trinidad who had great success in the 50s, 60s and 70s with her designs for interiors and fashion, for companies like Liberty of London, Heal's, Hull Traders and Dior.

This one was a riot of colour and pattern, set across two large rooms adorned with lengths of fabric, wallpapers, original prints, finished garments and room scenes covering the whole of McNish's career.

There was also a wonderful exhibition called 'Open House' on at the same time showcasing wallpapers from the Whitworth's huge archive, full of beautiful and bizarre examples.

I'm looking forward to some future gallery trips too, with Flower Fairies at the Lady Lever opening in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure there'll be other things coming up so if you have recommendations send them over!


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