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New Jewellery for 2019 - 2020

As promised the new jewellery collection has launched! I've chosen some really fun, popping, sometimes clashing brights for this range, with lots of mint green, burnt orange and bright pink.

Alongside the perennial favourites I've added in a couple of new necklace designs, the Twisted Strand Pendant and the Chunky Bar and Tassel Necklace, and reintroduced the Braided Bangle which didn't feature in last year's range.

The print choices this year are a burnt orange floral called 'Junes Meadow', a mint green and purple print called 'Sarah', a bright pink and blue busy floral design called 'Ciara', a large scale botanical design called 'Archive Lilac' and the novelty swimmers design appropriately called 'Liberty Lido'. There is also some new tassel options available, with the pink, violet and yellow from previous seasons continuing and a mint green, a dark teal and a burnt orange being added to complement the new fabric choices.

All of the tassel necklaces and earrings now come with a choice of different tassel colours to choose from to make customising your Bunny Bosworth pieces even easier!

Five Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and Six hand dyed tassel colours to choose from to make your perfect custom earrings.
Cabochon and Tassel Earrings

You can shop the full range in my Etsy shop, or if you're interested in stocking the Bunny Bosworth range in your shop then drop me a line here!

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