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New Things a'Coming! (including this blog)

So how was your summer? Other than than the constant swings between torrential rain and blazing heat and the 'interesting' political climate I mean. I've had a very productive one, the most significant result of which is this very website, crafted by my own fair (and amateur) hand. It's really great to have a place outside of my Etsy shop and the usual social media channels to share my work in a bit more depth, and to host some useful information for potential clients, particularly wedding customers. I've got a fairly swish looking Wedding Catalogue that you can download here which should tell you everything you need to know when your choosing your accessories package! And there are some great photos from past wedding customers to inspire you as well. You can find out where to buy my work in bricks and mortar stores across the U.K. and learn a bit more about me, my design process and inspirations.

I'm also going to be keeping you up to date with everything new that's going on in the business here on the blog, which will include collection launches, exciting collaborations and what ever opportunities head my way. The 2019-2020 collection is in the process of being photographed and listed so for now I will leave you with this sneak peek of the new range. Stay tuned for more....

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