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Stay at Home

By this point I'm sure we've all realised that things are going to be quite different for sometime, and in the U.K we're nearly two weeks through official 'lockdown' and you've perhaps achieved some sort of equilibrium or more likely are just taking each day as it comes. I'm very much in the second camp, weighing up my newfound free time (furloughed from my day job) against the need to drive sales and maintain an income as much as I can in what are very challenging circumstances.

In terms of the day-to-day running of Bunny Bosworth I'm trying to be responsible and I've made a few small changes to minimise contact where possible, mainly by using Royal Mail online to pay for my postage and then dropping it in my local post box. This has meant that larger packages (such as ties and bow ties) are a problem, so for the time being I will be forgoing the gift boxes I typically use in favour of a simple card band and tissue paper wrapping. I have reduced the price of those across my shop to reflect this change, though once we are back to normal (whatever that means!) I'll offer both packaging options at their respective price points, as I think it is a smart move in terms of sustainability and also affordability for you as customers.

Birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations will of course still be happening and we should still be celebrating them as best we can and from a gift buying perspective shopping on Etsy is a no brainer. Those of us who like to visit our local independent retailers for those special 'won't find it anywhere else' presents are going to have to go online, the benefit of Etsy being that a lot of us offer a gift service that posts direct to the recipient, cutting out unnecessary social contact for both seller and buyer.

By marking your order as a gift in my Etsy shop you also get the option to include a message which is printed onto a little card to accompany your gift (and which I like to jazz up a bit for the occasion!)

Royal Mail have communicated that delays are to be expected during this time so if you're thinking of ordering a gift it is worth giving yourself a little extra time to make sure it arrives when it's needed, particularly if it is travelling outside the U.K.

For those of you planning weddings I know it's a difficult time financially for a lot of people, so I'm happy to split payment into two installments for orders for ties and any other accessories you need for your wedding party. As all bow ties and neckties are currently on discount (see above) I will happily honour this discount for custom wedding orders too if you choose to not have gift boxes, and as per my standard pricing the more you order the more you save.

Currently my fabric suppliers are still operating online so if you've got a different print in mind for your groomsmen gear Or are ordering in bulk we shouldn't have any issues sourcing what you need, just drop me a message here or on Etsy to discuss your requirements!

So in short, Bunny Bosworth is still very much open for business (in a responsible socially distanced manner) and I am happy to help in anyway I can to make gift and wedding shopping easier for you!

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