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The Perfect Blend

How many weeks into lockdown are we now? I forget, but fortunately you've all been keeping me busy throughout with your Etsy orders! What began as a simple way to use up scrap fabrics has become by biggest seller over the last month or so with my pre-cut Liberty fabric squares in constant demand. I spent a couple of days last week cutting and photographing some new additions, including some large leftover pieces from your bespoke wedding orders which are now available to buy as quarter and half metre lengths.

In addition to these I've increased the options for mixed lots of both the 5" charm squares and 2.5" mini-charm squares, perfect if you're happy to take a chance on colours, and have added cool and warm options for the charm squares if you want to be a bit more specific.

Another fun addition to my Etsy offering this month has come from the wonderful folks at Bird and Blend Tea, who got in touch to see if I'd like some free samples of their fabulous teas to send out with my orders, how could I refuse?!

I did a bit of work for Bird and Blend in their very early days, which you can read about here, so it's lovely to link up with them again to bring a little bit of cheer to our customers and support each other's businesses in the process. I'll be popping a single serve sample and a promo postcard in each of your orders until I run out so if you're a fan of beautiful fabrics and tatsy teas don't delay!

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