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Wholesale with Faire

It's been a busy few months here at BB HQ since the launch of the new range, with initial stock going out to my bricks and mortar stores ( and top-ups since then), a long awaited uptick in wedding orders (not quite where we were pre-Covid but definitely reassuring) and some fun bespoke sewing commissions too (wedding dresses, sofa covers and soon a multi-armed toddler raincoat!)

And last month my priority was launching the Bunny Bosworth range on Faire. If you aren't aware, Faire is an online wholesale marketplace that connects brands like mine with retailers across the U.S, U.K, Canada and Europe.

For a small brand like mine it's already been an incredible tool for developing new wholesale relationships; the Bunny Bosworth range is now available in three stores in the U.S that I would likely never have heard about had they not found me on there!

And for retailers there's a wealth of small brands they can shop from to stock their stores with while getting free returns and attractive payment terms to make the process of buying wholesale risk-free.

Most importantly, any orders I receive from retailers that I refer directly to my shop don't have commission taken which means I can still develop my own retailer relationships, make use of the streamline processes on Faire and not lose out.

If you're a retailer who is interested in stocking Bunny Bosworth in your store you can follow the link below to start building your order and take advantage of the excellent introductory offer from Faire.

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