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Lucky Dip bags of signature rope, knot and tassel jewelry designs in iconic Liberty print fabrics. These charity fundraiser items contain discontinued designs, sample pieces, slight seconds and sometimes a surprise brand new design! 


50% of every sale will go to the Refugee Community Kitchen, a volunteer run organisation that serves hot meals to homeless people on the streets of London using food that would otherwise be thrown out by businesses, and to displaced people in the Calais and Dunkirk areas of France, providing a safe place to congregate, create a community, and to provide areas for people to access medical, legal and safeguarding services.

For more information about the incredible work they do visit


You can choose your Lucky dip items in 4 'sizes'. 
Small; mainly earrings, small bracelets and pendants or brooches. 
Medium; chunkier bracelets and cuffs or bigger pendants. 
Large; for signature statement necklaces.

Bumper; The bumper bags contain one each of the small, medium and large lucky dip items (worth £21 when bought individually) plus at least two extra pieces.


These little bags are great add-on as a treat to yourself, or to give as gifts to others, and along with your new jewelry you'll be helping some of the most vulnerable people. You can share what surprise you got by using the #BBLuckyDip on Instagram or Twitter and make sure other people know how they can help.

Lucky Dip Jewellery Bags

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