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A Lucky Dip Update

Newsletter subscribers will know that I have recently made an update to my Lucky Dip offering but for everyone else here's what's happening.

As a response to what has been happening in Gaza since October (and I wish I'd done this sooner) I'm adding Medical Aid for Palestinians as a recipient of the money raised from the sales of my Lucky Dip items. Obviously this is an incredibly important cause, and one I have donated to personally already, but I am also still committed to raising funds for Refugee Community Kitchen as the situation for migrants shows no signs of improving, even if the Conservatives are voted out in June. Labour are so far showing signs of being just as bad. So from now on I'll be splitting the proceeds raised equally between the two charities.

Obviously the best thing any of us can do is donate directly to them and raise awareness of the issues with out friends and family, and take whatever action we can to help. But if you are shopping for gifts, or for yourself, buying something that helps others as well is a wonderful bonus.

I spent a couple of days last week using up some odds and ends of cord to create some brand new, one of a kind pieces to go into the Lucky Dip stash so there's lots of suprises awaiting you.

And newsletter subscribers will also know that I'm going to be adding some of the results of my Mystery Makes to the stash as well so there's going to be even more variety in there!

Lucky Dip Bags are available in Small, Medium, Large and Bumper (min 5 items) with 25% of the purchase price going to Refugee Community Kitchen and 25% going to Medical Aid for Palestinians. You can buy them here;

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