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Real Weddings - Jonathan and Emilie

First up in Real Wedding posts for the blog we have Jonathan and Emilie.

Jonathan got in touch with me via Etsy in early July as I already had items in the shop made in one of his shortlisted fabric choices, the lovely coral and navy Felicité print.

Jonathan was initially looking for a necktie for himself, and as he was someone who doesn't wear them in everyday life I was able to provide examples of the different widths for him to choose from. My standard options are a slightly 'younger' 6cm narrow tie or a more traditional 8cm width, however I have in the past made a 7cm on the request of the groom and Jonathan opted for this width too, a good middle ground that is still young but maintains a classic look.

For his groomsmen he chose two more matching pocket squares to complement their solid colour ties, a nice touch for any of the wedding party who aren't fully on board with florals!

In addition to the gents in the bridal party, bride Emilie had four bridesmaids and I created some personalised bracelets for them in the same Felicité fabric. Any of the Tana Lawn fabrics I use for the groomsmen accessories can be used to create my signature range of jewellery so it's a really nice way to tie the whole party together.

With Jonathan and Emilie leaving for France for the wedding in early August I made sure the order was completed and with them for the first week of August. Judging by their photographs they were blessed with a typical French summer's day!

© Oliver Kealey
© Oliver Kealey
© Oliver Kealey

Jonathan styled his tie with a beautifully simple tie-clip and matching cufflinks, and the buttonhole flowers are the perfect colours to link it all together.

© Oliver Kealey
© Oliver Kealey
© Oliver Kealey

Thank you so much to Jonathan and Emilie for sharing your photos with us!

Photography where credited by Oliver Kealey Photo


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