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A New Collection for 2021

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

It feels like an age since I last refreshed my core range of fabrics, and in reality that's because it is an age, or nearly two years to be exact. But after the year we just had it felt like the right time to update the range and get this business back up to speed. I've kept things a bit smaller this time around, with only three Tana Lawn prints to choose from, but they are some of my favourite to date (yes I do say that every time but I always mean it).

Like a lot of people I spent much of 2020 outside, whether that was on my daily walks around my local parks and green spaces, or in my yard where I've been trying to create a green oasis in what is essentially a concrete square. In choosing these three prints I was inspired by the abundance and diversity of colour and form in the flora of my local area and this selection really highlights for me the versatility of Liberty's floral patterns.

On the left is Rachel, a classic Tana Lawn design that reminds me of the rambling wildflowers that have been sown around Liverpool, creating beautiful meadows like the one above, a riot of colour and movement.

In the middle is Elderberry, a more recent Liberty design that I chose as a darker option, since Ciara, Gatsby Garden and Tresco were so popular in my previous collections. I love the ditsy but dense effect, which to me looks like flowers popping through hedgerows or a lovingly tended flower bed packed with colour and texture.

And on the right is Margaret Annie, another Liberty classic. This one is a super bright floral that feels perfect for summer and makes me think of my own gardening efforts and all the brightly coloured blooms that I'm drawn to.

I've brought back a couple of old favourite necklace designs too for this collection, the Eight Knot Pendant in the top row was always my own favourite (i have a Red Capel print one that I wear A LOT) and I haven't had it in the range for around three years now so I thought it was time to bring it back.

The Josephine Knot Pendant in the bottom row was always a really good seller but I gave it a break in the last collection and now it's back too!

They're both nice statement pieces that are easy to wear over a basic t-shirt, with a cami top or even sitting under a shirt collar, but are still light enough to wear all day.

The new range also includes four new tassel colours, clockwise from top left; Khaki Green, Mid Blue, Bright Yellow and Scarlet. Bottle Green and Burnt Orange from previous collections make up the six colours that I've chosen to complement the new fabrics.

And initial bangles are back as well! I'm in a between suppliers phase with the charms so there will be some change on that front soon, but for the time being you can get these simple embossed disc charms in the letter of your choice on a soft rope bangle. There is also the option to add an initial charm to any of the other bracelet designs in the range for a small fee.

So that's everything new for you! You can shop the full range in my Etsy store as always, and if you're local to Liverpool I'll be stocking up Arts Hub 47 and The Nest very soon, with my other U.K stockists to follow.

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