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Ready for Zoom Weddings?

It's hard to keep track of the constant updates to government guidance here in the U.K and I'm sure wherever you're reading this it will be a similar situation. Whether that's everyday issues like returning to work, exercising with others and going to the shops or those longer term plans we've made like holidays, moving home or getting married it's more important than ever to stay informed and be flexible and responsible in our responses. The wedding industry has obviously suffered more than some industries with lockdown occurring during a traditionally very busy time for ceremonies, in the northern hemisphere at least, but by embracing the technology that is now familiar to us all it's possible to do things a little differently so you won't have to wait but you can still stay safe.

Hosting your wedding virtually, either on Zoom or via one of the many video networking applications available, provides great opportunities to be creative with your styling and to focus in on little details that might otherwise be overlooked. In terms of your attire it's 'waist up' presentation that will be the focus here so ties, bow ties and pocket squares are still a great way to elevate your look for the occasion, and statement necklaces and earrings will bring colour to the proceedings.

Rules around the sizes of gatherings vary from country to country and even state to state, so if your bridal or groom party can't be with you for the ceremony then selecting coordinating accessories can bring the group together and serve as a visual signal of who's who for other the folks watching remotely.

For bridesmaids you could consider a rainbow of matching necklaces or earrings in your chosen wedding colour scheme. Or keep your fabric selection consistent across the whole party with ties and jewellery to match.

For ties and pocket squares it's worth considering that the larger scale prints would read better across a computer or phone screen, so perhaps now is the time to go bolder than you might originally have planned! And without a lot of the decor and dressing you'd have at a traditional ceremony you can afford to make bigger statements in your accessories without the worry of going overboard.

However you celebrate your big day, whether that's virtually in the near future, a small gathering when lockdown eases or with a big in person celebration when everything's 'back to normal' there are ways of using your accessories and jewellery choices to bring some colour and fun to the proceedings, and if you drop me a message here or on Etsy I'll be happy to help you make the most of them!

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